Beware of Bad Owner

Anna Frydrych
AFAD Warsaw

 What is the project about?

A poster which was created as an answer to the topic of animals’ right to a decent life and has been displayed in urban areas across the country throughout 2020.

 For whom the project was created?

Galeria Plakatu AMS.

 What is the aim of the project?

It was made for the purpose of drawing attention to the situation of animals and the problem with respecting their rights in nowadays Poland.

 What was the motivation?

I deeply care about animals and wanted to create a poster that would really make people think about the way we treat them, reflect on their situation in Poland and hopefully make a change in this area.

Additional values

It is simple, straight forward, eye-catching and evokes emotions. It provokes reflection and leaves a lasting impression. For more info please check:

Anna Frydrych