Weak will vs. Netflix – a mobile application for dealing with addiction to series

Anna Pielecka
AFAD Katowice

What is the project about?

A tool supporting the fight against addiction to watching series. The application is divided into three parts:
1. Awareness (knowledge) – articles on behavioral addictions and other related topics,
2. Support (methods) – advices on how to develop useful habits,
3. Activities (challenges) – set of profiled activities users can do, based on their favourite show characters; making people aware that compulsive viewing can be just as harmful, and it is worthwhile to diversify your activities.

For whom the project was created?

The phenomenon of addiction to serials knows no age limits, but in order to profile the information and communication channel in the best possible way, I focused on a group of students aged 19 to 25. This is the age group in which statistically this problem occurs most often (confirmed by Deloitte’s international research).

What is the aim of the project?

Make students pay attention to their approach to watching TV series and help them diversify their activities in their free time. It’s not about demonizing watching. However, moderation and self-control are important. The project is to help discover the causes of a potential addiction, ask helpful questions and indicate possibilities.

What was the motivation?

When we talk about addiction to alcohol or drugs, we feel the importance of the situation. However, when the phrase “I am addicted to watching series” comes up, the interlocutors most often nod with a smile, not realizing almost equally harmful consequences. The problem is underestimated by society and there is no dialogue about it. In addition, in the era of increasing demand for streaming platforms, the risk of addiction to serials increases and affects a wider group of people.

Additional values

Novelty – niche, important topic; content previously unavailable in Polish; accessible form (easy, original texts, short forms and responsiveness of the application); emphasis on research during the process; project bibliography of almost 100 items in the field of behavioral psychology, UX, UI, sociology and marketing.

Anna Pielecka