Elastic Prosthetic Cover

Oliwia Otręba
PL, AFAD Katowice

What is the project about?

This is a project of a personalized cover for lower limb prosthesis. The project not only covers the prosthesis components, but also provides a shape simulating a healthy leg, which is especially desirable by users when wearing long trousers. The Cover is distinguished by the method of attachment, which makes the product one-piece and does not move during everyday use.

For whom the project was created?

The project was created for Kamil, a pacjent of a polish firm PROTEO, which specializes in making lower limb prostheses in 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. PROTEO produced my design. Kamil is an active young man. It was important that his new prosthetic cover would be durable and flexible so he could train sports without fear that the cover would get damaged.

What is the aim of the project?

The aim of the project is to improve physical and mental feeling for a patient after amputation by creating the best design and the best quality of a product. My goal is also to create durable solution that will help to feel better in everyday life. My aim is also to provide more options to personalize prostheses – so that users can feel better in them.

What was the motivation?

My motivation is always connected with improving quality of life and helping people, especially those with special needs, disabilities etc. My encouragement was the fact that Kamil is active sportsman and personalization of a prosthesis for him was a challenge. He wanted modern, openwork cover while maintaining high resistance to damage. I was also motivated by designing for innovative technology and material. I am fascinated by the possibilities offered by 3D printing.

Additional values

My project is distinguished by a unique shape that I created on the basis of a 3D scan of a healthy limb. Thanks to this, it was possible to minimize the disproportions between the legs. Flexible material (TPU) makes the movement of the prosthesis more natural, because it is not a stiff element that looks artificial. The cover is one-piece, which is unique among other such designs on the market.

Oliwia Otręba