8th International Design Conference & 15th Students Design Review

AGRAFA 2024 – Reflection

The rapid progress of technology and advanced information tools mean that we make fewer and fewer decisions in our everyday lives. Our preferences are aggregated in services and devices that help us in our numerous small tasks on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), related systems of information exchange and everyday operations on gigabytes of data, move us away from analogue reality and our own resourcefulness. They tempt us with attractive, quick and accessible solutions that “make life easier”. In return, they demand access to a small – only seemingly – amount of data about ourselves. The world does not require us to be attentive and to practice correct spelling and counting, to understand whole structures, it only requires efficient use of technologies that write, calculate, suggest… and finally create. As a result, we are moving away not only from humanism, but also from the everyday practice of reflectivity.

For design, reflection and reflexivity seem to be essential. This raises a question: how will the changing reality affect the work of designers?

This problem could not but become the topic of the next edition of the AGRAFA project.

The event is part of the celebrations of the European City of Science Katowice 2024.

See the video material fom last conference — AGRAFA’22 — BEYOND

Programme ’24

Pre-conference Workshops


3-days workshop

22.04. Monday 9.00-14.00

23.04. Tuesday 9.00-14.00

24.04. Wednesday 9.00-14.00

This assignment will consist of a series of experimental steps, combining form and content through images and typography. The final result will be an eight page zine that expresses an assigned text from the book, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Your zine design will use typographic space and prescribed format to reveal your cities hidden structures, textures, and atmosphere. You will design the using both text, image and/or incorporate drawings, or other graphic elements.

AFA Katowice, Koszarowa 19 st., room 111/112

Projekt Thomas Wedell. Sztuka komunikacji wizualnej: od formy do znaczenia | Cykl edukacyjny i wystawa” został dofinansowany przez Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowską Metropolię w ramach Programu „Metropolitalny Fundusz Wspierania Nauki” w latach 2022–2024”

About Thomas Wedell

Application form


workshop for academic teachers

23.04 Wednesday 15.00–18.00

Each teacher will be asked to write in english rules or boundaries for a class context with radical equality between students and teacher. How do you grade and give feedback? How do you deal with unmotivated or blocked students? Can design education truly be radical?

Kato Science Corner, ul. Młyńska 2

About Ruben Pater


workshop for students

24.04 Thursday 9.00–12.00

Katowice was the mining capital of Poland. How did that history relate to its design industry? Find archive images of the 50 coals mines in the region and choose a logo of one the companies or subcontractors. Research how one of the coal company history is connected with the design industry today. On one 100 x 70 cm sheet you draw the logo on large scale with charcoal. On the second 100 x 70 cm sheet you use pencil make a infographic to show how that coal company is connected to the design industry.

AFA Katowice, ul. Koszarowa 19, room 209

About Ruben Pater

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workshop for students

24.04 Thursday 15.00–18.00

We make a zine in one day collectively collecting ideas, places, and materials to make a DIY anticapitalist design printing studio. How do you print? Where do you find paper? How do you distribute? We divide in groups according to each part of the design process, and easch group research the options and comes up with ideas. Then you draw instructions with marker only using printed out text and hand drawn illustrations/typography. They can also be slogans or rough ideas! This is a rapid production workshop; we print the zine at the end of the day.

AFA Katowice, ul. Koszarowa 19, room 209

About Ruben Pater

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26.04. CONFERENCE | ASP Katowice, ul. Raciborska 50, Sala Otwarta

8.00Registration, coffee
9.00Opening of the conference
led by Agnieszka Nawrocka
Paweł Jaworski

Experimental Urbanism | PLAleksandra Hantkiewicz-Lejman
The Silesian University of Technology | PL
9:45Explaining power markets with graphs
Juha Teirilä

Energiavirasto – Energy Authority | FI
10:15The future is boring – the algorithmic capitalist aesthetic
Ruben Pater

EINA University School of Design and Art, Elisava School of Design and Engineering, BAU College of Arts & Design | NL
led by Anna Kopaczewska
11.15— coffee break — 
11:45Agata Nguyen Chuong
Inherited testimonies and restituting evidence: Reflections on environmental and colonial violence
Forensic Architectures | UK
Oliver Herwig
The rule(s) of Hybrid Design

University of Arts Linz | DE
12:45Joanna Murzyn
Encoded dialogues: human beings in relationship with technological entities

Digital Ecology Institute | PL
13:15Creative Ecosystem: a holistic approach for better work-life balance
Emmi Salonen

Studio Emmi | FI
led by Justyna Szklarczyk-Lauer
14.15— lunch — 
15:15Thomas Wedell
Overlap/Dissolve: Reflections on a 40+ year partnership – open lecture
RISD Rhode Island School of Design | USA
Projekt Thomas Wedell. Sztuka komunikacji wizualnej: od formy do znaczenia | Cykl edukacyjny i wystawa” został dofinansowany przez Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowską Metropolię w ramach Programu „Metropolitalny Fundusz Wspierania Nauki” w latach 2022–2024”

Conference Workshops

16:00–18:00workshop of your choicesign up here!
ASP Katowice, różne lokalizacje


26.04. Friday 16.00–18.00

Karolina Hołdys, Piotr Pacałowski | AFA Katowice

The workshop aims to show the possibilities of using waste material to design a new product.

Participants will have the opportunity to create material from coffee grounds and starch, which will then be used to make a small pot for a plant seedling (e.g. sunflower). They will learn the advantages of using coffee as a moisture-retaining material providing valuable minerals to the plant and, above all, as an easy, biodegradable alternative to plastic casings that have dominated the market for years and increase the problem of plastic recycling. A plant in such a pot could be planted by the participants at the end of the workshop in the garden of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

About Karolina Hołdys

About Piotr Pacałowski

AFA Katowice, Raciborska 50, Workshop


26.04. Friday 16.00–18.00

Bogdan Kosak

The tangible result of the workshop will be a ceramic vessel, not necessarily one whose form will clearly indicate its use. The aim of the workshop is primarily the experience of applying individual inner knowledge.

After learning about the qualities of 5 clays, each workshop participant will choose one that meets their needs. With their eyes closed, within one hour they will model the vessel, relying solely on intuition. They will learn how important it is to cooperate with the material and what effects “listening” to the clay can bring, instead of imposing a previously invented idea or shape on it. The subject of reflection will be the pottery practice and an attempt to recognize mētis, the moment of using only the hands with their own memory, guided only by the sense of touch.

AFA Katowice, Raciborska 37, plein air garden workshop

About Bogdan Kosak


26.04. Friday 16.00–18.00

Jacek Vasina

The workshop aims to familiarize participants with the concept of guerrilla design, design work in the spirit of DIY, and to fnd a compromise between the needs of others and one’s own ideas/interests.

AFA Katowice, Raciborska 50, room 203

About Jacek Vasina


26.04. Friday 16.00–18.00

Emmi Salonen

Emmi believes the key to nourishing our creative energy lies in design thinking and the creative process itself. Through five key input areas, her holistic approach focuses on embracing curiosity and fostering self-kindness.

By prioritising these elements, you can unlock your full creative potential and produce output that is both innovative and effective, whilst fostering resilience and being mindful of self-care. Learn to recognise areas in your everyday, that give you energy and inspiration.

AFA Katowice, Koszarowa 19, room 007

About Emmi Salonen


26.04. Friday 16.00–18.00

Anna Pohl, Paweł Szeibel

We would like to invite you to explore the sensory perception of space. We will propose some exercises to help you find out how changing your perspective will affect the creative process.

Practices that support creativity, empathy or mindfulness are often simple and easy exercises. We will be inspired by the activities of the Institute of Spatial Experiments founded by Olafur Eliasson, practicing a form of communal experience of the connections between art, science and life.

AFA Katowice, Raciborska 50, courtyard

About Anna Pohl

About Paweł Szeibel


26.04. Friday 16.00–18.00

Małgorzata Rozenau

The workshops aim to improve the participants’ knowledge of breathing as the simplest tool for relaxation and self-regulation. Breathing exercises, relaxation and visual recording of reflections.

During the workshop, we will learn about our own breathing, thanks to simple yoga and pranayama exercises, through breathing meditation and relaxation, which lead to oxygenation, easing of tension, the feeling of joy and a sense of enlargement of the “inner space”. By experiencing different phases and qualities of breathing, we will look for a path to our inner mindfulness. We will learn breathing methods that can be used in situations requiring concentration or stress management, gaining practical skills. Our exploration of the therapeutic effects of breathing will also be accompanied by an attempt to visually record our observations and sensations, i.e. note what cannot be seen, but what can be felt throughout the body. An additional element of the workshops is Lotos – a breathing installation. It is a portable, foldable object, easy to place anywhere – also in public spaces. Its form is inspired by the shape and symbolism of the lotus flower. Its interior is equipped with seat cushions, headphones and a speaker with a 3-minute guided breathing meditation. Lotos is a mobile, someway isolated space for short meditation. It is intended to encourage inner mindfulness, focus on breathing and use the relaxation techniques that are available to us at any time, without unnecessary means.

AFA Katowice, Raciborska 50, room 217

About Małgorzata Rozenau


26.04. Friday 16.00–18.00

Jadwiga Lemańska

Come to the bookbinding workshop and make your notebook in A5 format. You can use various kinds of paper and make a soft cardboard cover, or a harder one from textured cardboard. Then you can sew the whole thing together with thread. Finally, in the typesetting shop, you will be able to emboss or stamp on the finished notebook letters or a short text arranged in front of you from selected fonts.

AFA Katowice, Koszarowa 19, Bookbindery & Typesetting room

About Jadwiga Lemańska


26.04. Friday 16.00–18.00

Michalina W. Klasik

The workshop aims to present screen printing technology in terms of its possibilities using this technique in upcycling and as a tool for creating inclusive, impactful messages.

Discussion and demonstration of the serigraphic technological process, personalized printing of eco slogans and exposed plant fragments on T-shirts and bags, as an additional print for existing products (including those promoting the event) and additionally (for those interested) – on the participants’ clothes (they must have unprinted surfaces and be in light colours). Participants will visit a screen printing studio and follow the process of preparing a screen printing matrix. Then, using the instructor-prepared matrices with slogans and exposed plant fragments, they will make personalized prints on T-shirts and bags. Some of the materials are provided by the organizer, but you can also bring your own clothes to add a print on

AFA Katowice, Koszarowa 19, room 201/202

About Michalina W. Klasik

Zapisy na warsztaty odbędą się niezależnie od rejestracji na konferencję i nie będą wymagały wniesienia opłaty za udział. Więcej szczegółów wkrótce!

Young Agrafa 16.30–18.30

Young Agrafa, as the younger sister of Agrafa, gives a platform for young designers to present their ideas and thoughts to a wider audience. For this reason, we are accepting applications from those currently studying at design universities or who have defended their degree no earlier than 2022 (BA, MA or PhD). The event will take place on 26 April 2024 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, right after the main part of the Agrafa 2024 conference.

26.04. YOUNG AGRAFA | AFAD Katowice, ul. Raciborska 50, Sala Kinowa

16.30–16.50Behind the Agrafa. How to design a conference
Agrafa Design Team

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice
16.50–17.10Dreaming collectively. A dialogue on speculative design Patrycja Żyżniewska
Academy of Arts in Sczzecin
17.10–17.30Digital Overload. Designing for intentional use of technology
Szymon Łabuś

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice
17.30–17.50Design as a tool of social change
Oliwer Okręglicki

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Katowice
17.50–18.10Increasing fine motor skills in post-stroke patients
Ergonomic Design Studio
Paweł Mendera (speaker), Wiktoria Kuchta, Lidia Magiera, Piotr Pryk, Agnieszka Tylka, Agata Wajda

Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
18.10–18.30Design for repair / repair the design
Olga Konik

Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

Exhibition opening – Roundabout Art Gallery

AFA Gallery Rondo Sztuki, Rondo im. gen. Jerzego Ziętka 1, Katowice

19.30Opening of the exhibition of International Review of Student Design, announcing the winners
Opening ot the exhibition Jan Hollender – design


Young Agrafa


The number of participants at the conference is limited.
The possibility of participation shall be determined by the order of registration.

The conference participation fee is PLN 200

Participants’ entry to the conference is possible after prior online registration:

Payment can be made by BLIK payment, payment card or electronic transfer through the imoje external payment system, operated by ING Bank Śląski S.A. with its registered office in Katowice. It is possible to receive an invoice, you need to select the appropriate option during registration.

Workshops leaders

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Program Council


Volunteers: Julia Augustowicz, Sara Bańkowska, Aleksandra Bylica, Karolina Ciebiada, Amelia Dziedzic, Julia Frączek, Julia Gorajek, Jakub Grabowski, Celina Hess, Wiktoria Huzar, Anna Jacek, Emilia Jarzombek, Kasia Kamińska, Milena Kebede, Oliwia Klopatowska, Kinga Kosmalska, Marta Kowalska, Zuzanna Kubok, Agnieszka Kuzber, Marta Kwiecień, Martyna Mietlowska, Jadwiga Minksztym, Klaudia Musialik, Weronika Najduch, Oliwer Okręglicki, Urszula Osolińska, Alicja Pohl, Katarzyna Popławska, Wiktoria Rejowska, Alex Siudak, Marta Staciwa, Wiktoria Strącel, Alicja Walczyk, Dobromir Wojewoda, Zuza Ziemniewicz

Sound and image recording: Paweł Siodłok, Michał Rodziński, Marcin Nowrotek

Photograpy: Michał Jędrzejowski and volunteers 

Sound system: Piotr Ceglarek, Jan Dybała

IT support: Mateusz Pełczyński

Interpreters – English: Alicja Gorgoń, Justyna Wiatrzyk-Guzik

Interpreters – sign language: Marzena Kasperska, Irena Piecha, Karolina Rogowska

Catering: Piękna Karma

European City of Science Katowice 2024 Official Event


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