T/ME time-lapse management application design

Marta Masella
PL, AFA Stettin

What is the project about?

T/ME is a speculative time-lapse management application project. It aims to restore the perception of time as an individual sensation. The app personalises the pace through modes responsible for speeding up, slowing down and stopping the clock. Modifications give the user the ability to control of the moment on their own.

For whom the project was created?

The concept is aimed at courageous individuals who want to go beyond defined frameworks and those willing to discuss the perception and meaning of time in the world of today.

What is the aim of the project?

The main idea is to restore the perception of time as an individual sensation. The application is merely a pretext used to present a speculative vision of the world without strictly defined time systems.

What was the motivation?

The relentless rush and drive for constant productivity has marginalised the importance of personal life. The pandemic has blurred the line between professional space and resting place. More and more people are struggling to find free time for extra activities and to live their life. The critical observation of a world that, in its actions, overlooks the existence of the individual, inspired me to work on the project.

Additional values

Speculation on the perception of time provides an opportunity to start a conversation. The project further optimises the day and introduces improvements for the unpunctual. The application introduces elements of playful competition, motivating the user to be active by means of rankings, earning points and achievements and statistics. T/ME was improved with a visual identity, advertising materials and a concept prototype.

Marta Masella