Blue 52

Klaudia Wysiadecka
Katarzyna Stefańska
PL. ASP w Katowicach

What is the project about?

Blue 52 is a short animated film (10 min.), showing the problems of people with hearing impairment in relation to hearing people. It is a story about loneliness resulting from communication barriers, told from the perspective of a deaf person.

For whom the project was created?

The project was created for the hearing community who do not realize what problems deaf people have to deal with on a daily basis. Additionally, it is aimed at deaf children who know sign language, because there are no animations containing Polish Sign Language.

What is the aim of the project?

The aim of the animation is to educate the hearing society and to make people aware of the scale of the problem of hearing people’s approach to the subject of hearing impairment and sign language. Additionaly, the purpose of the animation was also to reach people on the margins of society due to the fact that hearing people do not accept them, to show them a different perspective of looking at deafness and to remind them that regardless of the situation and circumstances, they still have the right to their own language, which is sign language.

What was the motivation?

I was born a hearing impaired person, I am a child of hearing parents, I was brought up in the culture of hearing. I never knew the deaf, I only saw them casually, for me they were very silent about the child’s perspective, my parents did not take any initiatives to let me get to know this world at least a little. Of course, my parents had no experience in this subject, they did not know that the decisions they make at the beginning of my life would result in a lack of a sense of their own identity. (Klaudia)

I was motivated by the knowledge of a person with hearing loss, because earlier I thought about this problem through the prism of sterotypes. Getting to know the world of the deaf changed that, so I wanted to share this experience with others. (Katarzyna Stefańska, Co-author)

Additional values

An additional intention is to correct the myths that occur in society and to encourage integration between the hearing and deaf people. We hope that the film will also go to deaf children born in a hearing family.

Klaudia Wysiadecka
Katarzyna Stefańska