Let’s survive a panic attack

Julia Koźmin
PL, AFA in Katowice


The main goal of the project was to offer a sense of security and control during panic attacks.

Following research into existing solutions, the author analyzed the users’ needs and contexts for employing such a support tool to enhance a sense of security. She formulated the design assumptions to determine the project’s compact physical form and the desired atmosphere it should evoke. Drawing from reliable psychological sources, she refined the wording and sequence of instructional points. After experimenting with various card dimensions and proportions, she selected specific colours and their functions. Additionally, the author created simple illustrations to enhance and clarify the instructional content.

The set can be used by individuals experiencing a panic attack (for control and safety), those prone to panic attacks in general (for preparation and education), and includes a section for those who wish to assist someone experiencing a panic attack.

Software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Figma.

Julia Koźmin