Opportunity fills us with optimism, motivates us to act, and promises a new future. Another side of opportunity is fear of the unknown and anxiety over undesired consequences. These hopes and controversies will be presented during the 6th AGRAFA International Design Conference.

The discussion will cover different facets of our changing world; politics, society, economy, and lifestyle. We will look at how we might take advantage of the opportunities of the 21st century, and where they could be leading us. We will ask: Are we overwhelmed by choices, or can we make the right decision? What will our future and daily life be like? How will we create relationships and face challenges? For whom and what will we design? What role will the designer play in the future?

Admission fee:
– regular 100 PLN
– student 50 PLN

Payments are made as part of the ING Bank Śląski imoje service.
Payments can be made using quick payments and blister.

The conference is fully booked.

The AGRAFA International Competition of Student Graphic Design is a comprehensive overview of the latest achievements in graphic design.

Deadline: 27.01.2019

For the 2019 edition, works can be submitted in six categories:
— animation,
— visual identity,
— visual information,
— editorial graphics,
— type design,
— web / app design / digital publishing.
Submissions can be either academic projects or independent work by a student or graduate. The competition provides a platform to compare the curricula of individual institutions, present various creative approaches, and select the most original, innovative, and inspiring solutions.
The main prize will be announced by the jury at the opening of the final exhibition on April 4th 2019 at the Rondo Gallery in Katowice.

ASP student

TECH CARE – Technology taking care of people, people taking care of technology.

Lorenzo Romagnoli, Alessandro Contini
03–04.04.2019 | admission free

Creative Coding

Stephan Thiel
4.04.2019 | admission 50 PLN

The Multi-Dimensional Interface: Movement and Metaphor in User Interface Design

Brian Lucid
4.04.2019 | admission 50 PLN




Peter Biľak
Peter Biľak Royal Academy of Art | The Hague, NL
Tommy Campbell
Tommy Campbell SPACE10 IKEA LAB | CA
Rama Gheerawo
Rama Gheerawo Royal College of Art | London, GB
Katarzyna Kasia
Katarzyna Kasia Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, PL
Jack Lenk
Jack Lenk Tellart studio | Providence, US
Brian Lucid
Brian Lucid Massey University | Wellington, NZ
Stephan Thiel
Stephan Thiel NAND Studio | Berlin, DE
Jadwiga Tynor
Jadwiga Tynor Ergo Design, Cracow, PL
Fabio Viola
Fabio Viola Scuola Internazionale di Comics | Florence, IT
Marcin Wicha
Marcin Wicha Warsaw, PL

Workshop Tutors

Alessandro Contini
Alessandro Contini Milan, IT
Brian Lucid
Brian Lucid Massey University, Wellington, NZ
Lorenzo Romagnoli
Lorenzo Romagnoli, IT
Stephan Thiel
Stephan Thiel NAND Studio, Berlin, DE

Competition jury

Ayşegül İzer
Ayşegül İzer Mimar Sinan Fine Art University, Istanbul, TR
Mateusz Kosma
Mateusz Kosma EDISONDA, Cracow, PL
Jasiek Krzysztofiak
Jasiek Krzysztofiak Nature, PL/GB
Lucia Mlynčeková
Lucia Mlynčeková Designer, freelancer, SK/CZ
Zuzanna Rogatty
Zuzanna Rogatty Graphic designer, freelancer, PL
Filip Tofil
Filip Tofil Syfon Studio, PL


The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice is the organizer of the series of design events collectively known as AGRAFA. Its history stretches back to the early 1990s, when it was created as the Polish Retrospective of Graphic Design by Art Academy Students. The initiator and long-time organizer of the event was Professor Tomasz Jura, who passed away in 2013.

Since 2007, largely through the initiative of Ewa Satalecka, who co-curated three subsequent events, AGRAFA has been accompanied by international design conferences on the tasks of graphic design. The themes to date – “Basics in Graphic Design” (2007), “Responsibility in Graphic Design” (2010), “Research in Graphic Design and Graphic Design in Research” (2012), “The Need for Design” (2015), and “Attitudes” (2017) – have drawn lectures and guests from around the world. The conference has played host to personalities with established positions in the history of world design, such as Wolfgang Weingart, Jonathan Barnbrook, Krzysztof Lenk, Jorge Frascara, Severin Wucher, and Ruedi Baur. The most recent editions of the conference, under the curatorial eye of Justyna Kucharczyk, Jacek Mrowczyk, and Anna Pohl, have attempted to cover a wide spectrum of issues that go well beyond graphic design.

Agrafa is a serious platform for intellectual exchange, in which, apart from the conference, there is an international retrospective of the latest student achievements presented at the Rondo Sztuki gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, and design workshops. Agrafa has earned a permanent place in the landscape of design events in Poland and beyond, attracting many foreign participants. This year’s edition – “Opportunities” (2019) – will attempt to address the challenges currently set before designers. Come join us!

 AGRAFA 2017 

AGRAFA 2015 

main coordinator:
Agnieszka Małecka

program committee:
Agata Korzeńska
Justyna Kucharczyk
Jacek Mrowczyk
Zofia Oslislo
Anna Pohl
Paulina Urbańska

conference curators:
Justyna Kucharczyk
Jacek Mrowczyk
Anna Pohl

competition curators:
Agata Korzeńska
Paulina Urbańska

Anna Cichoń
Anna Maraszkiewicz
Renata Lipczak

graphic design:
muflon studio

exhibition design: 

Magdalena Giertuga

Michał Jędrzejowski
Marek Dziurkowski

Maciej Szatanik
Piotr Bajer

English translation:
Søren Gauger

Polish translation and proofreading:
Alicja Gorgoń

volunteers coordinator:
Patrycja Magryś
Paulina Szuścik


Anna Maraszkiewicz
phone +48 32 75 87 816

Exhibition opening | 04.04.2019
Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Rondo im. gen. J. Ziętka 1, Katowice

Conference | 05.04.2019
ASP Katowice, Raciborska 50 street, Common Space

On the day of the conference, street-level and underground parking spaces in Raciborska 50 will be available free of charge.